Frequently Asked Questions


What is a replacement contact lens?
A replacement contact lens is a contact lens that you are already wearing successfully and has been prescribed to you by a Kaiser Permanente Optometrist on a valid unexpired prescription.

How do you know if my prescription is valid?
Check My Prescriptions to view your current prescriptions and check expiration dates. Or call your local optical center.

Why can’t you order contact lenses for me if my contact lens prescription is expired, but I am having no problems with my contact lenses?
Contact lenses require a prescription to order, just like medications prescribed by your doctor. When a prescription has expired, then no more refills can be ordered for you until the doctor has a chance to check your vision, the health of your eyes and check that your current lenses still fit properly. You will need to make an appointment with your Kaiser Permanente Optometrist. (make an appointment)

Is a contact lens prescription different from my eyeglass prescription?
Yes, a contact lens prescription has the information relating to your contact lenses, such as lens type / brand you are wearing and the parameters needed to order the exact same lens type. Your eye care professional may require more frequent exams for contact lens wearers. When you make an appointment for an eye exam you should inform them you are a contact lens wearer. Depending on your coverage, there may be fee for this exam.

How do I get a copy of my contact lens prescription?
Only a Kaiser Permanente Optometrist can release your contact lens prescription to you. Contact the Eye Service department at the facility where you had your eye exam to request a copy.

What if I don’t need glasses but I want contact lenses to change my eye color?
All contact lenses must be fit by an eye care professional and require a valid prescription to place an order. You will need to make an appointment (Office Locator) with your Kaiser Permanente Optometrist for an eye exam and then make a fitting appointment in the Optical Service department to determine the type and color of the contact lenses that will work best for you. After you are fit, you can order your contact lenses online or at your local optical center.

What if my prescription is for another type or brand of contact lens and I want to order a different brand?
Different brands of contact lenses can fit very differently from your current brand. An eye care provider must fit them to your eyes. You can only order lenses that you are successfully wearing with a valid current prescription. You will need to call your local facility and make a fitting appointment in the Optical Service department (Office Locator). After you are fit and have a new prescription for the new brand of contact lenses, you can order your contact lenses online or at your local optical center.


What is the benefit of ordering from the Kaiser Permanente web site?
The convenience of logging on to our web site! All your contact lens information is in our system. Your order is sent directly to you for faster service. On the web site you can order 24 hours a day.

How soon will I get my contact lenses?
Once your order is placed, it is electronically transmitted to our fulfillment center. Most contact lenses are shipped the following day. Uncommon prescriptions, lenses that correct for astigmatism or Rigid Gas Permeable lenses will take longer to process. We will make every effort to give an expected delivery date and notify you if this date changes. Soft lenses are sent UPS Ground. Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are sent US mail.

Can I have my lenses sent next day? Since in stock lenses are sent out UPS ground, they usually arrive within three days from the date the lenses are ordered, so we do not offer next day air shipments.

What is the shipping cost?
Orders placed on the web site are shipped free of charge. Orders placed through your local Optical Center that are for $75.00 or over are shipped free of charge. Shipping is $5.95 if your order is less than $75.00.

What if I have a question about my order after I have placed it?
If you place your order through the web site, check your order status online. If you have additional questions about your order, call your local optical center.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?
No. Once you place your order it is sent electronically to our fulfillment center and we are unable to recall the order to cancel it.

How do I pay for lenses ordered through the Kaiser Permanente web site?
We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Can I use my optical benefits or any other discount plan to reorder contacts online? Yes! You can apply your benefit to your online contact lens orders. You can also buy a Savings Plan, or apply your Savings Plan to your online order.

What is the Savings Plan for Contacts? See Details The Savings Plan for Contacts is a $25 2-year renewable agreement that allows you to purchase replacement lenses at a reduced cost, along with other added benefits.
Unlimited replacement of your current contact lens type at a $7.00 a box / vial saving.
25% off a complete pair of prescription eyewear (frame and lenses purchased together)
25% off non- prescription sunglasses
10% off all contact lens solutions and accessories purchased at the Kaiser Permanente Optical Center. This discount is not available through the Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy.


What is the Return/Exchange policy?
If the product you receive is found unsatisfactory within 30 day of receipt you may take the product to your local Kaiser Permanente Optical Services Department. Lenses that are found to have a manufacture’s defect will be exchanged for the same product. Torn lenses are not considered defective.

Unopened and unexpired boxes or vials can be exchanged for a new prescription as long as the exchange is for the same product type. All products must be taken to a local Kaiser Permanente Optical department. Lenses cannot be returned through the Kaiser Permanente Contact Lens Refill Center.

No refunds or other types of credit are available for replacement lenses.

What are conditions for ordering through the web site?
Your contact lens prescription must not be expired. If your prescription is expired, you will need to obtain a new eye exam and you may also need a contact lens fitting appointment. If you don't have a current contact lens prescription or you don't see your prescription on, call an Optical Center near you and we will help you.