ALERT: Contact lens orders may take 8-12 days to deliver. Some lenses may take longer due to a national shortage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information will help you better understand the fitting process for these services. At your Contact Lens fitting appointment, an evaluation will be made to determine the appropriate starter contact lenses. It may take several lenses and several weeks of wearing these lenses to determine which contact lenses are best for your particular visual and lifestyle needs. Once your prescription has been finalized, your optometrist will write you a contact lens prescription. Fitting fees vary according to the type of contact lenses you need.

Our average turnaround time is two to four business days. Each individual's prescription is special. Every prescription has to be precisely custom-made, and certain types of specialized lenses take longer than others. Members can choose from a wide range of optical products, including different lens materials to fulfill individual needs.

  • 40% off second complete pair same day
  • 15% off sunglasses
  • 10% off contact lenses, 20% one year supply
  • 15% off w/free shipping for reorders for contact lenses at our kp2020 website (must have previously ordered via KPH optical or Rx info will not be available only online)
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Yes we do. Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading providers of LASIK, laser vision correction, in the state of Hawaii. Kaiser Permanente surgeons utilize the most advanced medical technology and practice the most up-to date surgical techniques to ensure optimum results for our patients. Kaiser Permanente has provided comprehensive eye care in Hawaii for over 50 years and the LASIK procedure has been offered since 1998. Come join the thousands who had LASIK with Kaiser Permanente. Call our laser vision coordinator at (808) 432-2620 or email to schedule a free one-on-one consultation.

LASIK is provided on a fee-for service basis, separate from and not covered by your Health Plan benefits. Results of services vary and cannot be guaranteed.

When you purchase your eyewear, you may want to consider our Eyewear Protection Plan. This $20.00 agreement provides:

  • A two year coverage. Any lens that is scratched will be replaced at 50% of original lens price with the same lens and prescription.
  • A two year coverage. Any frame that is broken will be replaced at 50% of original frame price with the same frame.
  • 25% off additional Plano sunglasses.
  • 10% off OTC.

For additional information about our special discounts, Eyewear Protection Plan, or to learn about our frame price guarantee for Kaiser Permanente members, please contact an Optical Department associate for details.

Your plan may cover a complete and thorough eye exam, depending on the benefits you or your employer may have purchased. You or your employer may have also purchased a supplemental optical benefit. For your coverage information, contact Member Services Contact Center at (808) 432-5955.

Stop by one of our Optical Departments. You will find a good selection of eyewear that is competitively priced. And we offer a free one-year warranty on your complete eyeglass order.