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GT2™ by ZEISS Progressive Lenses

The Ultimate in Satisfaction

The ZEISS commitment to the best in precision optics continues with progressive lenses that change the way people see the world.

Progressive lenses are the preferred eyeglass lenses for people with presbyopia, a normal vision condition that affects almost everyone in their 40s or older. With presbyopia, the ability to focus on objects within arm’s reach decreases. One of the first signs of presbyopia is the need to hold reading material farther away in order to focus on it.

GT2 Progressive Lenses by ZEISS restore up-close vision while providing you with clear, spacious distance and mid-range vision in the same pair of eyeglasses. With GT2 you’ll experience superior optics and viewing comfort for any activity you take part in. You’ll be totally satisfied with your vision.

Reading & up-close vision

GT2 Up Close Vision.
  • Wide area of clear near vision
  • Comfortable reading and up-close work

Active vision

GT2 Active Vision.

Precisely balanced optics at every viewing angle

Distance vision

GT2 Distance Vision.
  • Excellent distance vision both straight ahead and out to the periphery

Visual satisfaction

GT2 Visual Satisfaction.

Smooth transitions from one viewing distance to another, for the most comfortable view of the world